Arnold Schönberg's pictorial œuvre comprises approximately 350 work numbers. A majority of the paintings, drawings and designs were created in Vienna between 1906 and 1911: self-portraits, portraits, impressions and fantasies, caricatures, nature pieces, as well as studies and figurines for stage works.

In 2004, a research project on the pictorial œuvre was conducted at the Arnold Schönberg Center, the results of which led to a catalogue raisonné.

In the course of a technical revision of the Arnold Schönberg Center's website, in addition to many detailed adjustments, several subsections were modernized, including the Online Gallery, which corresponds to the Catalogue raisonné. The new look is more contemporary and attractive, while bilingualism and intuitive navigation increase usability. The responsive design guarantees the optimal presentation of Schönberg's pictorial œuvre on all (mobile) devices. In a next step, the database-based online archives will be adapted to the visual appearance of