Between December 29, 1936 and January 8, 1937, the Kolisch Quartet made a complete recording of Arnold Schönberg’s string quartets. At cost price, selected persons, including Jascha Heifetz and George Gershwin, purchased one of the 25 sets with 23 records each. On March 14, the Arnold Schönberg Center will broadcast Schönberg's 4th String Quartet, op. 37, with digital copies of recordings from its own collection.

The recording of String Quartet No. 4 represented a special challenge for the ensemble, as it took place on the day of the premiere, which was scheduled for the evening of January 8, 1937, at Royce Hall, Los Angeles. A critic of the Los Angeles Times found the work "[...] less revolutionary than expected [...] it excites feelings not far removed from those which evoke beautiful sound." In his Opus 37, Schoenberg is guided by classical formal schemes, which can also be followed audibly through a clear disposition of the themes. In the livestream of the Arnold Schönberg Center, this, as well as aspects of the twelve-tone structure of the work, is elucidated by means of a visualization through Schönberg's autograph score. The basis of the transmission for the first and second movements is a record set from the Arnold Schönberg estate, while for the third and fourth movements the better-preserved records from a set bequeathed to the Arnold Schoenberg Institute by Schönberg's former student Gerald Strang were used.

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