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The Library Catalogue of the Arnold Schönberg Center contains bibliographic entries about the Viennese School, Arnold Schönberg and his works. The catalogue mainly covers titles that are available at the Schönberg Center. The secondary literature is part of a reference library; there is no interlibrary loan.

We welcome information about new releases and older titles (books, articles). Please send missing titles either as copy, offprint or Pdf.

Schönberg’s Library

Inventory of books in Schönberg´s legacy (HTML)

Inventory of annotated books in Arnold Schönberg’s legacy (PDF document)

Inventory of annotated periodicals in Arnold Schönberg´s legacy (PDF document)

Sources for Arnold Schönberg´s song text (estate and reconstructed sources) (HTML)

Inventory of music supplies in Schönberg’s legacy (HTML)

Julia Bungardt-Eckhart: Ex libris Arnold Schönberg. Bücher und Zeitschriften in der Nachlassbibliothek. Kommentierter Katalog (available in the online shop of the Arnold Schönberg Center)