V067: Third Annual FASI (Friends of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute)
Membership Party

Non-commercial (1988), color, 53:00

U-Matic (NTSC)

Time Description
00:00 Garden at Schoenberg home on Rockingham
0:27 Leonard Stein and Milton Babbitt
0:50 Ron Rosen (husband of Judith Rosen)
1:10 Guests include Grant Beglarian, Cornelius Schnauber
2:00 Ron Schoenberg
2:20 Judith Rosen
2:35 Barbara Zeisl Schoenberg, Lawrence Schoenberg
3:10 Randol Schoenberg
3:20 Judith Rosen addresses the party guests, thanks Ron and Barbara Schoenberg for offering their home for the party. Rosen thanks the board members with whom she has worked: John Yoell, Dorothy Crawford, Alfred Carlson, Bill Alexander, Dorothy Bachmann, Margaret Cohn, Margie Cohn, Jerry Turbow, Lynne Feinberg, Heidi Lesemann.
8:30 Heidi Lesemann thanks the current board and holds election for new board. New board is elected: President, Judith Rosen; Vice-President, Andrew Schwarz; Corresponding Secretary, Alfred Carlson; Recording Secretary, Dorothy Crawford; Treasurer, William Adler
11:30 Judith Rosen introduces Leonard Stein. Stein addresses the guests, honors Grant Beglarian and Milton Babbitt.
14:15 Rosen introduces Rodney Punt, General Manager of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs
14:45 Punt describes his experiences with Beglarian, former Dean of the USC School of Music, and presents him with a certificate of achievement (and Snickers bars and Kent cigarettes).
22:15 Grant Beglarian addresses the party guests.
25:05 Rosen introduces Mel Powell, composer-in-residence at Cal Arts
25:45 Powell introduces Milton Babbitt.
32:35 Babbitt takes the microphone while Rosen presents him with a certificate of achievement. He reminisces about his experiences with Beglarian.
41:45 Rosen presents ASI pins and Richard Fish photos to honorees. She introduces current Dean of USC's School of Music Larry Livingston.
43:30 Livingston addresses the guests
51:30 Rosen invites guests into the Rockingham home
Later that evening: closing shots of guests and honorees
53:00 End